Endodontists in Donaldsonville, LA

Delightful Donaldsonville sits only an hour south of Baton Rouge, but it has a rich history of its own. Sites across town, such as the River Road African American Museum and Cajun Village, pay homage to the past. However, this town also has nearby access to high-tech services.

Southern Endodontic Specialists is only a few minutes from Donaldsonville, giving residents of the area an easy way to find an endodontist in Donaldsonville LA, who uses the latest in technology to offer painless ways to save teeth.

Living in Donaldsonville with so many modern conveniences nearby and historical sites in town, you know why the city’s motto is, “Respecting our past, building our future.”

Why Endodontic Care Is Important for Your Smile

Endodontists are specialists in the dental field who focus their care on saving teeth by treating the pulp inside. The tooth pulp contains the nerves and other internal components of the tooth that allow it to feel pain and stay viable.

If you have decay that infects the pulp or an injury that damages it, you need endodontic care to treat the inside of the tooth and save it from extraction. Many people don’t realize that the only alternative treatment for root canals and other endodontic services is extraction.

Don’t lose your teeth to decay or damage. See an endodontist for tooth-saving treatment. At Southern Endodontic Specialists, we ensure our patients have painless, positive experiences as we work to save their teeth.

What Makes Southern Endodontic Specialists Exceptional

Both our locations of Southern Endodontic Specialists stand out as sites where technology and skillful treatment come together. This combination ensures that we can give our patients outstanding care.

First, our offices in Houma and Thibodaux use the Gentlewave system. This device uses sound and water to revolutionize patient experiences during root canal therapy. Instead of requiring multiple visits for root canals that use files to clean out the teeth, the Gentlewave system cuts the time down to a single visit and only inserts a stream of water powered by sound into the tooth. Consequently, patients have smaller openings created for their root canals, improved cleaning of the inside of their teeth, and fast recovery.

Second, we cut the radiation that our patients experience by using digital radiography. Compared to old-fashioned film X-rays, digital radiography reduces radiation exposure by 80%. Plus, the doctor can zoom in on the image to see better without needing more images.

Third, because our doctors treat the interior of teeth, sometimes, they need three-dimensional images of a tooth. To get this, they use cone-beam CT scanning, which exposes patients to lower radiation levels than those produced by standard CT devices. The endodontist gets a high-resolution image they can use to plan treatment for reduced complications and time.

Fourth, to see clearly inside the tooth during surgical and non-surgical treatments, our endodontists use surgical microscopes. These improve the area our doctors can see during a procedure, allowing them to be more accurate in their work.

Finally, to save our patients time, we have paperless offices that rely on TDO software. This program uses encrypted digital records for our patients, making paperwork effortless and data secure.

Our Endodontic Services: Root Canal Therapy and More

Our doctors perform procedures inside the teeth. All our services have the goal of saving the tooth from loss, whether they fall into the category of surgical or non-surgical. Below are some of the ways that our doctors save our patients’ teeth.

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontists perform surgery to operate on the tooth’s interior. One of the most common forms of endodontic surgery, apicoectomy, is a surgical alternative to a root canal. If a doctor cannot access all the parts inside a tooth during a root canal, they may perform an apicoectomy to do so. This surgery approaches the tooth’s canals from the root tip to remove infection from inside the tooth.

With the use of local anesthetics, endodontic surgery is painless throughout, and recovery only takes a few days with mild to moderate discomfort.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is another of the services we offer to save teeth. This is a non-surgical way to clear infection from inside a tooth. Thanks to our use of the Gentlewave system and modern endodontic techniques, root canals cause no pain.

After the procedure, you’ll have a couple of days of discomfort as your tooth heals. The process should correct any pain that you felt in your tooth before you came to the endodontist because the root canal removes the infection that caused the pain.

If you need a root canal, your experience at Southern Endodontic Specialists will be as comfortable as possible, and our technology helps us to minimize the number of appointments required for this procedure.

Treatment for Cracked or Traumatically Injured Teeth

Cracked or injured teeth are more than cosmetic issues. The damage often extends deep inside the tooth to the pulp. Therefore, you will need endodontic care to address the infected or harmed pulp.

For cracked teeth, waiting too long can cause the crack to grow. If the crack spreads below the gumline, moves up from the root end, or splits the tooth, the chances of saving the tooth decrease dramatically. The best way to save a cracked tooth is with endodontic treatment as soon as you notice the damage.

Traumatically injured teeth often have internal damage. Since you cannot see the harm done inside the tooth, you may only think that you need a dentist to reset the tooth properly in your gums. However, endodontic treatment will fix damage inside the tooth and help you to keep it.

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Save your teeth with endodontic treatment. For a top endodontist near Donaldsonville, LA, call us at Southern Endodontic Specialists. With just a short drive to Thibodaux, you can access quality root canal therapy and other endodontic treatments from experienced doctors who use the latest technology. Call our Thibodaux location today to schedule your visit for a painless solution to saving a tooth.