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After hour emergency care is available for patients of records and patients of referring dentists


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Whether you enjoy taking in the assortment of museums spread throughout Houma, like to walk around the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge or prefer a meal with friends at restaurants such as Red Fish Pizza or Cristiano’s, Houma is a beautiful city to call home.

Whether you're searching for quiet tranquility or a fun-filled atmosphere, you will find it in Houma. But what happens when you need dental attention?

Southern Endodontic Specialists are here when you have specific needs for your oral health. However, do you know the difference between an endodontist in Houma, LA, and a general dentist? Here is what you need to know about the services and treatments offered at Southern Endodontic Specialists.

Treatments Offered

A root canal, for example, is by far the most common treatment performed by an endodontist. While a general dentist is trained in performing root canals, there are several reasons why you might want to consider a specialist. For starters, an endodontist performs root canals on an almost daily basis. This makes it easier for such a specialist to spot difficult-to-reach pulp and other organic material that must be removed during the procedure. A dentist may rarely perform a root canal, so they simply won't have the same level of practice.

Secondly, an endodontist will have specialized equipment that makes performing root canals easier. This includes having the latest technology available for a clearer view, to different methods of cleaning out the tooth. A general dentist's office only has so much room for equipment, so they may not have the same kind of equipment.

Endodontic surgery is another kind of treatment offered. This is done to help save the natural tooth. In some cases, a general dentist might recommend removing the tooth completely and opting for an implant or bridge to fill in the gap left by the extracted tooth. However, an endodontist wants to save the tooth whenever possible. So, after a consultation, if it is possible to save your tooth, an endodontist will recommend surgery.

Lastly, addressing a cracked tooth is another form of treatment offered by Southern Endodontic Specialists. If your tooth is cracked, it needs to be addressed. While there are various degrees of severity, failure to address the crack right away can lead to further trauma and, eventually, the need to remove the tooth. Sometimes a cracked tooth will require a root canal because the nerve endings on the tooth's interior have been damaged. But even if these nerve endings are intact, the crack needs to be repaired right away.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Steven Gaudet and Dr. Benjamin Ber are the two leading endodontists on staff.

Dr. Benjamin Ber was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana. He lived there until he attended LSU for his four undergraduate years. He then moved to New Orleans, attending the LSU Dental School. He graduated with his dental degree in 2002. He then went on to study in St. Louis, Missouri, where he received his Master of Science in Dentistry and his certificate in endodontics. Upon graduating, he returned to Thibodaux, where he, his wife, and two children call home. He has practiced in Houma since 2004.

Dr. Steven Guadet is from right here in Houma, where he graduated from Vanderbilt Catholic High School in 1996. He then went to LSU and graduated with his undergraduate degree in 2000. Like Dr. Benjamin, he went on to study at the LSU Dental School in New Orleans. Following that, he worked in private practice for three years before returning to school to obtain his certificate in endodontics from the LSU School of Dentistry. He once again calls Houma home with his wife and twin sons.

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Has your general dentist recommended you seek out the help of a specialist for root canal therapy Houma LA treatments? Look no further! At Southern Endodontic Specialists, we focus specifically on root canals and similar treatments daily. So, if you have questions or are ready to schedule a consultation, there's never been a better time to contact Southern Endodontic Specialists than today.