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Oral health is more than your gums and taking care of the outside of your teeth. While brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your general dentist are key pillars in the foundation of your oral health and go a long way in helping you maintain your smile, it is essential to care for the inside of your teeth. Made up of nerve endings and other organic material, the interior health of your tooth impacts each tooth as a whole, and any issue with the interior of your tooth can rapidly affect the exterior, gums, and even neighboring teeth.

That is why, if your tooth has been damaged or cracked, or you are experiencing constant pain from within your tooth, it is necessary to seek out an endodontist in Thibodaux, LA.

Root Canal Therapy Thibodaux LA Services And Other Treatments

If you are suffering from any kind of tooth pain, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with your general dentist. This pain may be from a cavity, you don’t want to let this cavity fester. Otherwise, the bacteria eating away at the tooth could dig deeper through the top layers of your tooth and eventually into the internal areas where the nerve endings are located. Once the bacteria has burrowed into this area, it can easily travel throughout the rest of the tooth, including the roots, infecting the gumline and neighboring teeth. With a cavity, your general dentist can handle this concern.

However, if the pain stems from the tooth’s interior, it might be necessary for a root canal to be performed. A root canal might also be necessary if you didn’t have the cavity cleaned out and filled promptly (or if the filling fell out and you didn’t have it re-filled). Whatever the case might be, the interior nerve endings and other organic material known as the pulp are removed with a root canal. With the removal of the nerve endings, you will be pain-free, and your tooth will be saved, which is exactly the goal of an endodontist.

Sometimes your tooth will experience some kind of trauma where the tooth is either damaged, or the nerves are damaged and killed. When the nerve endings are killed, it is very important to have the material removed and cleared out. Otherwise, the organic elements within the tooth will begin to decompose, essentially rotting the tooth from the inside out. On the other hand, if the tooth is damaged, such as a large crack or a split tooth, a dentist might suggest removing it if they do not think they can save it. It is almost always better to try and save the tooth than to have it removed because removing the tooth does cause additional trauma to your gum line. Then you’ll need to have an implant installed, which can be costly (not replacing the tooth isn’t recommended as the neighboring teeth will then shift, which can cause other problems).

So, if your general dentist has told you it is necessary to have a root canal or believes your only option is to remove the tooth, schedule an appointment with an endodontist in Thibodaux, LA, to have a second opinion and have the procedure handled by specialists. Whether it is repairing a cracked tooth, correcting previous root canals, or using the state-of-the-art GentleWave root canal technology, you are in good hands.

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When you schedule an appointment at Southern Endodontic Specialists, you will be seen by either Dr. Gaudet or Dr. Benjamin Ber, two local specialists who love their local community just as much as they love helping you care for your oral health.

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Have you been told you are in need of a root canal? Maybe you’ve already had one, but you still suffer some pain? Perhaps your current dentist has suggested complete extraction, but you’d like a second opinion before proceeding? Whatever the situation may be, it is good to schedule an appointment with an endodontist.

These specialists focus their entire practice on maintaining the internal health of your tooth. If you live around the greater Thibodaux, you have access to some of the highest regarded endodontist specialists in the region with the team at Southern Endodontist Specialists. So fill out a request form right on the website or contact the friendly customer service team at Southern Endodontic Specialists today.