Endodontist Larose LA

Regarding the perfect marriage between land and water, few towns in the United States can compete with that of Larose, Louisiana. From the intersecting waterways of the town to the historical significance of the region, Larose will always have a new surprise and corner to explore. And while the community of around 7,000 might be small, it is always close to world-class amenities and services. This includes the dental services of an endodontist in Larose, LA. Because of this, you won't have to go on a substantial road trip should you ever find yourself needing root canal therapy in Larose, LA, all thanks to the local staff at Southern Endodontic Specialists.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is one of the most common procedures performed by an endodontist. A root canal is necessary when your tooth's nerve endings have sustained some trauma. This trauma can occur if you trip and fall and bite down hard on your jaw. You might catch an elbow while playing basketball or miscalculate a popup when playing baseball. Other times, the damage occurs when a cavity goes too long without being treated, and the deep cavity burrows into the tooth's internal canals.

Whatever the cause, during a root canal procedure, the endodontist will access the inside of the tooth by drilling a small hole into the tooth and then extracting the damaged, dead, and infected tissue. This includes nerve endings and other organic matter within the tooth known as pulp. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned to ensure no bacteria remains before sealing the tooth up.

Cracked Teeth Surgery

Even a minor tooth crack needs to be inspected by an endodontist as soon as you discover it. A crack in a tooth, much like one in a windshield, will likely grow and expand over time. It also weakens the structural integrity of the tooth, which can lead to other issues. Should the crack expand below the gum line, it will eventually corrupt the tooth's roots, potentially forcing an eventual tooth extraction.

As long as the crack is addressed as early as possible, it is almost always possible to save the tooth. Even if you do not feel any pain from the tooth as is, you don't want the situation to worsen, which is exactly why you need to schedule an appointment with the staff at Southern Endodontic Specialists as quickly as soon as you can.

Endodontic Surgery

There are other times you might need to visit an endodontist beyond root canals and cracked teeth. Endodontists specialize in the internal aspects of a tooth. So, while your general dentist is there to clean and maintain the outside of the tooth, you will need to visit an endodontist if there is a potential issue with the inside of a tooth.

Beyond root canals, sometimes removing a specific portion of a tooth's root is necessary. Sometimes these roots can become infected or damaged. While a general dentist might recommend removing the entire tooth, an endodontist will do everything in their power to save the tooth, in which case they will look for ways to remove the damage without causing problems with the rest of the tooth. If you have visited your general dentist and they recommend removing a tooth, unless it is specifically due to an excessively decayed tooth, it might be possible to save it. Before moving forward with the tooth extraction, obtain a second opinion by contacting the customer service staff at Southern Endodontic Specialists.

Schedule Your Endodontist Visit Today

Whether your general dentist has told you that you need to schedule an appointment with an endodontist or want to ensure a specialist carries out your root canal, the local services of Southern Endodontic Specialists are here to assist. It doesn't matter if you have visited the office in the past or if this is your first visit; the staff is always welcoming new patients. After all, you never know when you might need the help of a dental specialist. Whatever the reason or cause, now is the time to schedule your appointment with the staff at Southern Endodontic Specialists. All you need to do is grab your phone and give the friendly customer service staff a call, or you can fill out a request form right on the Southern Endodontic Specialists’ homepage!