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When it comes to smaller towns in southern Louisiana, few communities have the kind of charm as Lockport. While the city has under 3,000 residents, it still has a long and dedicated history, which can be traced back to its foundation in 1835. It is the kind of place you call home when you enjoy a smaller community that is still tightly knit, with plenty of friendly, welcoming faces.

And thankfully, just because you call a small town home doesn't mean you need to give up the kinds of services and amenities you might find in a larger city. This includes locating an endodontist in Lockport, LA. After all, if you need oral care from an endodontist, you shouldn't be forced to spend hours in the car driving to New Orleans or a larger city. In fact, two of the highest-rated endodontists in the entire state call the local community home.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is one of the most common procedures performed by an endodontist. Because the staff not only specializes in this kind of procedure but focuses specifically on the internal health of your teeth, all of the equipment in the office is designed to enhance the quality of care for the inside of your teeth. This means an endodontist is more likely to have advanced tools specifically for a root canal than a general dentist.

After all, a general dentist needs an assortment of tools to perform their daily activities. This is perfect for the general upkeep and well-being of your mouth, but when it comes to a procedure like a root canal, it is almost always better to have a root canal therapy Lockport LA procedure performed by an endodontist.

During a root canal, the internal nerve endings and other organic material (known as the pulp) are removed. This will relieve any pain and discomfort you have been suffering from. Once removed, the tooth's interior will be cleaned, a whitening agent will be applied when necessary, and then the tooth will be filled back in.

Cracked Teeth

While a chipped tooth and a cracked tooth might sound similar, the two are very different. A chipped tooth means part of your tooth has been chipped off. Having the tooth seen sooner rather than later is ideal, but it doesn't need to be immediate. A cracked tooth, on the other hand, can lead to additional damage the longer it goes without being addressed. Much like a crack in a car windshield, the crack will grow, and the more it grows, the more serious it becomes. Without proper care, the crack might lead to internal infection and further breakage, not to mention it might eventually need to be replaced if the crack becomes severe enough.

If you have experienced any kind of crack, scheduling a visit to our staff here at Southern Endodontic Specialists is especially important as quickly as possible.

Endodontic Surgery

While treating cracked teeth and performing root canals are common, other kinds of surgery might be required to maintain a tooth's health and well-being. Sometimes there is an infection within a tooth that can only be addressed by going in through the roots, or there might be damage to a tooth that requires attention. Otherwise, the tooth's interior will begin to deteriorate and even infect neighboring teeth. Whatever the situation might be, when it comes to the internal health and well-being of your teeth, schedule an appointment with Southern Endodontic Specialists.

Schedule Your Endodontist Visit Today

It doesn't matter if your general dentist has specifically told you that you need a root canal or you are in immediate help for repairing a cracked tooth. You are only a phone call away from the team at Southern Endodontic Specialists. Whether you have recommended visiting our staff or found us on Google, we are here and happy to assist in maintaining your beautiful smile and the health of your teeth.

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